Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love ya, Tomorrow!

So...I'm pretty excited for tomorrow. Not only is it Friday, my most favorite day of the week, but we find out what kind of baby I'm growing! Now, I do not question why some people choose to not find out the sex of their baby, but knowing for me is one of the greatest surprises ever. Yes, it's still a surprise, even if you find out before hand, sillies.

I honestly do not have a strong feeling one way or another. It's changed too many times, so I will be pleased no matter what we find out tomorrow.

In an upcoming post I will have to tell you more about me and my goals and aspirations.
But for now, I leave you with a link to one of the most absurd and time consuming websites I've ever discovered. This dude is twisted. Enjoy, my little peanut heads!

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