Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Time Like No Other

My plan was not to talk about babies and pregnancy all the time. Since we're in Emily World though, this is what is going on.
Pregnancy is really a time like no other.
In what other phase of life is it completely normal to comment on the way people look on a regular basis?
Okay, I got it.
Infancy and Pregnancy are kind of the same.

To the baby: "How big is Emily?" "Soooooo big!!!!!" "I just wanna squeeze those chubby cheeks!" "Let me see that buddha belly!" "Oops, did you just spit up?"

To the baby mama: "Wow! You're really getting big!" "Imma touch your Buddha belly!" "Have you been throwing up?"

Yes, these are the two times in life where it seems to be perfectly acceptable to do & ask these things.
I will say that I have one rule that should be followed by everyone who is ever in contact with a pregnant woman. COMPLIMENTS ONLY! Now is not the time to verbalize your observations, unless you happen to be observing how absolutely stunning and goddess-like she is.
Things like, "I thought you might be expecting, your face is much fuller." or "Looks like you're taking advantage of 'eating for two'." or "Are you sure you're not having twins??"
Perhaps these aren't actual insults...but don't even bother with something that could come off that way.
Oh, one last thing. I really don't want to hear "oh, you don't even know what's its like..." (being uncomfortable, going through labor, raising children, having teenagers, etc...) You know what? You're right! But what I do know is what it's like right now. So stop. Unless I ask you what it's like, zip it.
This got mean. I'm sorry. One too many non-compliments may do that to a girl.

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  1. You are more beautiful now than you've ever been, and with each new stage of life that comes that will continue to remain true.