Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Is This Thing On?

Hello? Anyone out there still check this thing?

It has been MONTHS since I last posted anything here, and to be honest, I haven't really missed it. For a few years I really enjoyed getting my thoughts down. I liked being able to look back on the stages of my life and my kids' lives. And then I stopped liking it. Well, I didn't stop liking memories, I just stopped caring about documenting it all. And I regret it.
It's been 10 months, and a so much has changed.

Charlotte! 3.5 - starting preschool next week! 
Charlotte is growing up! She has always been a pretty sweet kid. Easy to get along with, goes with the flow, and overall just good. But something has changed in the last couple of weeks. She's stopped napping most days, and is basically bipolar. She will be sweet and affectionate one moment, and the very next she'll be having a fit about a mosquito, an invisible owie, or having to eat dinner. I'm taking any tips and suggestions I can to get through this phase (it is just a phase...right?!) She loves the color the actual color. She did not care for the film. She choose the most random things to be her favorite things because they are purple. It's really a great way to bribe her, actually. We are both excited for her to start school next week. It's only a couple of days a week, and only for a couple of hours. But she's such a little sponge and I really think she'll do great. 

Lena! 2.5 weeks shy of 2 years old!

Lena is growing up even more. She is getting to be much easier. Yes, she still has her moments, but overall, she passed her tantrum torch to Charlotte, and when Charlotte's done, she'll pass it back I'm sure. Lena is hilarious. She loves getting a laugh, and is very expressive. She talks a ton, which is so strange for me since Charlotte had a bit of a speech delay. She's also bigger than Charlotte was at this age and at this rate, Charlotte will be getting Lena's hand me downs. She still loves to cuddle which is one of my favorite things, but if I bring her someplace to play she can't wait to get away from me. The farther away, the better for her. I'll catch her watching me but if I make eye contact with her, she goes even farther. 

Darby! Such a regal looking hound.

Darby. She's still around and kickin'! Darby is 6 and even with the progression of her mast cell tumors, she is still doing alright. I really had no idea how much time we would have with her after last summer. But very little has changed. And we love her still the same. :)

and my main man Marcus is still hanging around too. :) 

I will attempt to blog more often in the next year. With Charlotte in school, I might have a little more time here and there where I can sit down to update. I know I'll want to look back on some of the notable things that are bound to happen while our children are young. 

That's my lame update for now. I do frequently share on Instagram and you can find me here: I do keep it private, but don't hesitate to request me!

Stay tunes for more thrilling shenanigans. 
I don't think I've ever spelled shenanigans correctly on my first try.


  1. Remember when I used to comment on your blog? Those were good days :)

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