Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Fun

The weather here has been so nice the past few weeks! They say it's "unseasonably" warm, but the last several years it's stayed warm into October. The polar bears love it.

We've been trying to take advantage of the warm weather and smaller crowds now that everyone's kids are in school, so our schedule has been jam packed.

I'm trying to just accept the fact that I have an uber cranky baby and just move forward with my life, but each day poses as an opportunity for Lena to spaz for no reason. I've found that taking her out and getting into the nice weather is usually the solution to this problem. I've also learned that if things are going well, I just need to let sleeping dogs lie and not call attention to myself by taking pictures of her or letting her know that I still exist.

There's a little farm down the street from us that has some fun fall activities and animals that you can feed. They have a little shop in their barn that is mostly creepy but I got a bunch of honey crisp apples for way less than the grocery store, so I guess I can handle this watching me as I shop around:

She has reverse vitiligo on her face. 

We also visited the zoo, had lunch while we watched airplanes take off and land at the airport, checked out Art Prize, and had the time of our lives at the Grand Rapids Oktoberfest.

Lena surprisingly loved the loud music and dancing!

Lottie made friends on the dance floor and they copied whatever the other was doing.

Charotte was so excited about "going dancing" and she danced for close to 2 hours. When it was time to eat, she would boogie with tears streaming down her face saying "just wanna dance!" It was awesome.

In unrelated fall fun stories, this morning Lena was wailing about nothing in particular when I realized she had called a neighbor (and friend - so it's not completely absurd) on my phone. I grabbed the phone from her and promptly disconnected without checking to see if my friend was on the other end. Well of course, she immediately calls me back. Since it was morning and I hadn't yet had my coffee or whatever other excuse I can find, I was having a hard time putting words together as I tried to explain that my shrieking 1 year old didn't dial her because of an emergency. But it probably wasn't that convincing  because I couldn't form a coherent phrase. I believe the first thing I uttered was "sorry she called me."
I hadn't gotten much sleep because of the unknown metamorphosis my baby is undergoing so I sounded like an idiot. Imagine getting a phone call at 7:30 am and hearing a baby shouting at you on the other end. That's no way to start the day. So for that, Kim, I apologize. And also welcome to my life.

Okay really. Will the crabbiness ever stop? We've had a couple good weeks here and there, but she is persistent in letting me know that this will be her personality for the rest of her life. 
Did you have a cranky baby that morphed into a gentle butterfly of a toddler? Make up a story if you have to.


  1. You took your children to a drinking festival. Not judging.

    I'm a liar.

    I've heard that easy babies are hard toddlers and hard babies are easy toddlers. Don't question the logic and it's quite comforting.

  2. Charlotte was sort of hard until about 8 months, now she's super easy. So either Lena will be super duper easy as a toddler or she'll be mildly better. whatever. any improvement is a step in the right direction.

  3. I've heard the whole "difficult baby, easy toddler" bit and I don't buy it. I had a pretty difficult baby. Now I have an extremely emotional toddler who cries if the dogs looks at him. And heaven forbid I try to pick out a blue shirt for him when he clearly wants to wear green (or whatever color is his favorite that day!). I'm hoping that since he's crazy now, the teenage years will be a breeze (I know, I'm delusional). But I am thankful that other people have crazy kids too, because I don't feel so alone :)

    1. Becky, you're supposed to make up stories. haha Isaac does look pretty serious in most of the pictures. :)

    2. Yeah, he is serious. He seriously hits kids and now bites them. Oh, my bad, I will retract what I said and give you a much more upbeat story: my child NEVER bites or hits his friends and he ALWAYS smells like rainbows and sunshine. Ok, I can't lie anymore! He always hits and that kid is a totally boy and smells like sweat and feet most of the time! ha

  4. B was a super cranky baby because of the colic and acid reflux. Now she is much more manageable. She has mini meltdowns throughout the day, but they are resolved fairly quickly. She just needs to be challenged with new tasks to try and sometimes I just have to walk away.

    Lena is super cute. At least she likes going out?

  5. Maybe she's just a really bad teether. How many tooths she got?

    1. She's got 4 on top and two on the bottom. She is indeed a bad teether. And she just has a strong opinion. :)