Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends!
Merry Christmas to you all!
I must admit that I haven't been feeling all that festive this season. I attempted to boost the holiday spirit by playing Christmas music and baking cookies (which was basically a disaster).
But once Christmas Eve arrived, I started to feel a little more jolly. I got out of work a little early, finished wrapping some gifts (see? I wasn't in the mood before!), and put green sparkly earrings in.

We got together with Marcus' side of the family on Christmas Eve, following tradition. It's always a really fun time filled with good food and drink and a ridulous amount of gift giving. We even take intermission. I received a couple of sets of pjs, slippers, a robe, a blanket, socks....makes me look very lazy.

This morning, Marcus and I slept in until 8, made homemade waffles and bacon (not homemade bacon...), drank french press coffee in our new coffee mugs, and exchanged gifts with one another. I knew I didn't give a lot of gift ideas for Christmas this year. I totally love the idea of spending Christmas with family, enjoying each other's company, understanding the real meaning behind Christmas (presents!!!) (JUST KIDDING!) so in a way, I really don't like giving lists for what I "want" for Christmas! But regardless of all of this, we do spoil each other a bit every year.

After exchanging gifts, Marcus mentioned that he had one more for me, and it was up in the baby's room, and I'll have to search for it. Hmm...I asked if it was baby-related, and he said it was. So I went upstairs and was kind of peeking around, but nothing really caught my eye. I noticed that the blinds were open, and noticed there was a car in the driveway. Initally, it looked like Marcus' Explorer, and I realized that didn't make sense that it was parked outside. Then I noticed the big white bow on it.....I was surprised by a new mini van!! BIGGEST surprise ever! I could go on and on about how I never expected this, but I'll just say that I LOVE it. I am still in shock!! These sorts of things only happen in movies and commercials...oh and on My Super Sweet 16, but they usually don't get vans...

Please excuse the lack of hair styling and makeup!!

Ha! There I am. Pregnant. Pajamas & slippers. In a cookie-cutter neighborhood. Holding keys to a minivan. What would the 19 year old me even think?! SUCH a dork. Would I have been as excited for Stow-n-go then as I am now? Probably not.
This is my last week of work before I take off for maternity leave. For a long time I really thought the baby was going to come early, judging by my constant contractions. Now I am not so sure, but I do know that I can manage feeling exhausted, enormous and achy for just a couple of more weeks. Must...keep....going. I can't WAIT to introduce her to you! :)
I hope everyone has a safe and meaningful Christmas. I feel very blessed to have a wonderful family as I do. I hope you can feel some warm fuzzies today as well.

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  1. EMILY!!! You lucky girl (wife and mom)....the van is beautiful!