Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stop Thinking You're the Only One

I've talked with people recently who admit to feeling overwhelmed by housework, read about moms who feel like they're letting themselves or their family down if they don't keep a neat home. I am definitely in the same boat 99.9% of the time.
I follow a couple of blogs with tips on staying organized, mostly so I can bitch about how type A they are and what a miserable life that must be. And occasionally I'm like "oh I should go alphabetize my socks right now too!" But most of the time I get super jealous and feel bad about myself and what a failure I must be.
I have my moments where I am ambitious and I get shit done. But even on a Saturday when I have extra help at home, it still takes a really long time to do what takes others 10 minutes.

My whole point here is if you feel like you can't stay on top of it, you're not alone.
So here. You can start feeling better now:

Mud room. Absolutely no organization to it. Drives me nuts.  Makes me anxious to share this.

Family room after moving all the random stuff onto the coffee table (instead of just putting it away) to clean the carpets.

At least the carpet is clean.

The things tossed on the stairs "so I can bring them up next time I go upstairs." hahahahahaha

Oh yeah. Don't we have a playroom down here? yup. It's bulimic. 

Maybe If I just move everything to the bottom it won't look as messy.

If you're looking for something, it's likely it's stuck on the fridge.

Ugh. the kitchen table. We eat our meals here. HOW? By moving that pile someplace else, that's how.
And it turns out I'm a mess too. I have spit up all over this shirt. Notice the finger prints on that mirror.

Just because I'm sharing these things doesn't mean I don't care about the mess. I do, and I clean it up when I feel like I can. But you know what? My girls are fed. 3, sometimes 4 times a day. There's bowls, plates, bottles and sippy cups laying around to prove it. There are toys strewn about because mommy told you to just go play with your toys already, we spend time playing and reading together. 

With people posting, sharing, pinning, instagramming everything these days, it can be easy to feel like you don't measure up to it all. 
But dude. This is my house on a normal day. Not a tornado day, not the day of cleaning, just a normal day. Sorry if you're disappointed.
No I'm not.

I just hope I made you feel a *teensy* bit better about not always being on top of it all.

Do you think that social media has an impact about how you feel about yourself, your home, or your possessions? 
I do. But then I just read the confessions on Scary Mommy and decide I'm normal. 


  1. I am type A to the max and when my house is messy, my anxiety goes up (and up, and up!). But then I stop and remember that my little tornado will only be this little for do long, so I need to enjoy this time with him. And yes, social media makes it so hard to sit back and let your house get messy! Fricken Pinterest!!!! Makes me feel like crap for being a normal human-being and not super-woman.

    1. I like to tell myself that people who have time to make amazing crafts/cakes/hair/makeup/photo skills/etc definitely fall short in another area. So maybe my house is a mess, but certainly there must be something out there that I excel at. just not sure what it is. :)

    2. The area they probably fall short in is a) sleep or b) sanity. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything to pinterest standards.

      I almost posted a picture of my disaster (formerly known as my kitchen) on my blog today but felt too anxious to pull the trigger. I definitely think it has to do with the pressure of social media and the perceived appearance of super-moms.

      By the way - I know you weren't fishing for compliments with your statement, but you excel at about a million things. Charlotte always looks freaking adorable, your blog is amazing, and you're crazy witty. I'd take that over a tidy mud room any day. :)

      Everyone is a super-mom to someone else.

      I think there needs to be an anti-pinterest website where moms can go and post pictures of their un-tidy houses, un-finished crafts and ten-second dinners. There should be some balance in the universe, after all.

    3. Krystin! 1) you're too kind.
      2) I hashtagged #butwelivehere on instagram with my mess, so on a teeny tiny scale I'm doing the anti-pinterest thing. But good idea. Let's start that.

    4. I was going to say - you make adorable kids! Whenever I think about those terrible people who seem to have it all together, I always remind myself that they're probably sacrificing something non-negotiable for it, like sleep, or wine and TV. Also, I'm not sure what it says about my house (hahah... my "house") that my first thought was "Wow, her pantry looks so neat!"

  2. My recommendation = more wine. Then you won't even care. Or is that just me?

    1. Oh. there's wine involved.
      It's not so much that I care. I want a neat house but not at the cost of my sanity. I just want other people to know there are others out there too. with pictures to prove it!

  3. I'm just excited that I got to see the rest of that sexy purple shirt.

    1. It's for a 5k I didn't even participate in.

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